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Questions Answered:

~ I'll bring the SPA into your home or location of your choice ~ 

Sparkly Rose

What I need from you…

Getting ready


A day or two before your party please text or email me with your RSVP headcount of girls.


The day of your party you will need to set up your living room with seating for the girls in a close circle for facial and foot soak *ie: couch/love seat + dining chairs, smaller kids chairs (note: girls feet need to reach the floor when seated for foot soak spa treatment).

We will also need to use a small table or floor area for our craft project, we'll use a

bathroom sink for the hand treatments, I will need to use a microwave to heat washcloths for the facial, I bring a 4 ft. table & chair to set up for our "Sparkle Station" in the party room (near wall plug for lamp) and I will need you to provide 1 regular height chair for the girls to sit on while they visit the Sparkle Station (ie: folding or dining chair works great).

ADD more FUN...

* Cookie Fairy Bouquet $75
 * Shining Star Karaoke $45

Flow of Party…


15-20 min. prior to start time is when the Sparkle Station will be set up to allow time for the girls to arrive and settle in before we start the spa party! 


Ultimate Party Package 

Once the party starts I will introduce myself and explain the flow of the party to the girls.


First, we start with the relaxing Spa which includes~ Hand Treatment, Spa Facial and Aromatherapy Essential Oil & Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Foot Soak all done as a group. Have your camera ready, this is a fun time to get live action group pictures. Washcloths and hand towels are provided for each girl to use and provide floor protection during foot soak. 


Next, we get them all dressed up in their theme outfits so you can take lots of fun pictures.

Ultimate Dress-Up includes 3 Piece Outfits provided for all girls & Hair Extension for each

girl to keep (available in a fun rainbow of colors) during their visit to the Sparkle Station. 

Finally, their favorite part is getting a turn at the Sparkle Station. During this free time,

which is always filled with giggles, the girls can play and dance to fun music while they wait their turn, they can also have a non-staining snack, if you provide.

*Shining Star Karaoke is also a fun option for the girls during free time. 


Once all of the girls have rotated through the Sparkle Station I will start packing up.

*Girls must remove all dress-up items prior to eating cake! This is your chance to enjoy lighting the candles and singing Happy Birthday to your birthday girl, serving

cake and if you wish to open presents before parents pickup (some do ~ some don't). 


Goodie Bags

The goodie bags will be available for each girl to take as they leave the party! I leave

them open so you can add things if you would like, but the girls will love them either way.

*Theme Goodie Bags have an assortment of: candy, pencil, notebook, sticker, bookmark, etc...

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